Kitchen Chimney Types And Comparative Analysis : A Review


“kitchen chimney becomes the need of every house”  

Overview of chimney

As we know that in the Indian kitchen we all like to eat spicy and oily food, which involves frying, grilling, and tadkas. By using these herbs the taste of Indian food becomes totally different it gives a lovely aroma. but, it leaves stain and spots in the slape and kitchen walls. over a period with regular cooking a thick layer of stain collected on the ceiling and cabinet of the kitchen which looks very dirty.

So, here we are going to introduce you a kitchen appliance which will help you to keep your kitchen clean. The “kitchen chimney or kitchen hood is a boon for your kitchen” it saves your kitchen from smoke and you can also withdraw yourself from the thought of watery eyes and odour.

When you use electric chimney it sucks the air inside your kitchen. After That the air passes through the filters where the heat is absorbed and the grease particles are trapped, in this way fumes and odour are removed from your kitchen and keep your kitchen fresh and odour free.

So, here we are going to discuss the types of Kitchen Chimney.

Types of Kitchen Chimney

On the basis of installation, there are two types of chimney available in Indian market.


  1. Recycling or Ductless
  2. Ducting or Extracting

Functions of Ductless Chimney

In this chimney firstly the air passes through the grease filter where the grease particles are absorbed. After That the air goes through the charcoal filter where the heat, smoke, and odours are absorbed and now, the purified air is circulated into the kitchen.

  Functions of Ducting Chimney

When we use ducting chimney the air is sucked in passes through the filters. The smoky air is going out through PVC pipes. It requires penetrating installation. The quantity of curves and the length of the hose pipe influences the suction control. Filter utilised is either a mesh or baffle filter.

Comparison between the duct and ductless chimney

Repositioning Little bit complicated Easily done
Suction High Less
Performance More effective then ductless chimney It is less effective because in this air is recirculated
Filters In this generally uses mesh and baffle filter Additionally, the charcoal filter is needed
Cost Cost goes high according to ducting Less
Maintenance Easy to care It is necessary to change the charcoal filter in frequent interval
Capability Higher Lesser

Filters are playing the main role in the electric kitchen chimney. Because the whole process of trapping oil and smoke depends on filters. So, here we are going to elaborate on the types of filters.  

Types of Filters

On the basis of material and construction, we can divide filters into three types.

  1. Charcoal Filter
  2. Baffle Filter
  3. Mesh Filter

Charcoal Filter


We use charcoal filter mainly for smell absorption. It contains a block with charcoal granules. The capacity of absorption depends upon the thickness of the filter and also on the charcoal granules size. Charcoal filters are mainly utilized in Ductless Chimneys. It did not always come inbuilt with a chimney but you can take it by paying the extra cost.

Its maintenance is not easy you need frequent replacement in 3-6 month to depend on the cooking intensity

Baffle Filter


Baffle filter is best for Indian style cooking. In the buffel filter, the layers of steel and aluminium are overlapped which change the direction of airflow. in this, cut and chop technology is used to separate oil and spices from the smoke. the suction power is not easily affected even if the oil gets collected in the first layer.  

Easy to maintain the need to clean once in 5-6 month. In some models, it’s easy to remove but in others need a technician. You have to change filters in 4 to 5 years.

Mesh Filter


This filter is not good for Indian kitchen. If this is used in Indian kitchen need higher maintenance and frequent cleaning. because the masala gets the stick on the filter and blocks the holes because of that the suction power is reduced.

In this kind of filter, aluminium mesh layers are overlapped to each other slightly and mesh has very small holes. At the time of the passing of air from the filter, oil stick to the layers. The pores get blocked soon and the performance of the chimney get affected. it needs cleaning every fortnight.

Wash with warm soapy water or detergent. It can be easily cleaned with a dishwasher.

“On the basis of functionality, we can categorise chimneys into two types conventional and contemporary.”

  • Contemporary
  • Conventional

Let’s know something about these types of chimney.


The contemporary chimneys are available in the market according to your budget in different design and types. they contain hood which is also available in different types.  


it is a type of chimney which basically perform a single function of keeping your kitchen fresh. it is available in both ducting and ductless mode.    

Types of hoods

With the different type of chimney, there is also different kind of hood available in the market. Here we are going to discuss some types of hoods.

  • Island canopy
  • Wall canopy
  • Down draft chimney
  • Built-in or integrated hood

Best kitchen chimney in India

Now we are going to discuss some best kitchen chimney which is popular in India.

  • Hindware Nevio 60 –  It is a heating auto clean Wall Mounted Chimney
  • Hindware Cleo 60 – It is an auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney
  • Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX
  • Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cm
  • Sunflame Chimney (Silver)
  • Faber Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60
  • Elica Kitchen Chimney

Let’s know in brief about all these.

Hindware Nevio 60

This kitchen chimney comes with “auto clean” feature and has baffle filters. So, it is best for the Indian kitchen. The material which is used to manufacturing the hub is rust proof.

Hindware Nevio 60

it is also available in 60 cm and 90 cm both modal. it is a ducting chimney so maybe it’s installation cost is higher.

Some pros and cons of this chimney

Pros Cons
High suction power Extra installation charge
Water and thermal cleaning facility Constant replacement of pipe
Touch panel
Electricity Saver

Hindware Cleo 60

This kitchen chimney is perfectly suited for the two- burner gas stoves. it has also baffle filters and auto cleaning feature which attract their customers more. The suctioning power of this chimney is 1200 cubic meter per hour which is enough to keep your kitchen smoke free and fresh. It’s very easy to operate with touch panels.

Hindware Cleo 60

Pros and cons of this chimney

Pros Cons
Auto cleaning feature Extra installation charge
High suctioning power Need frequent replacement of PVC pipe
Save electricity
5-year warranty on motor

Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

Prestige GKH 900 CM

This kitchen chimney satisfies the biggest range of the person. it is 101 cm wider. the capacity of this chimney is 1000 cubic meters per hour. Comes with inbuilt halogen. this is mostly used for the big sized kitchen. The company gives you a 2- year warranty on this product. use of buffel filter makes it best for Indian kitchen.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Satisfy all type of cooking range High maintenance and installation cost
Highest quality buffel filter
Prestige is a trustworthy name in kitchen products

Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cm

This is one of the best kitchen chimneys for Indian kitchen and manufactured by German technology. the suction power of this chimney is 800 cubic meters. so it can be used in all sized kitchen. this chimney is available in ductless and ducting both varieties. There is also a lighting facility available.

Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cmPros and cons

Pros Cons
Manufactured by German technology Need large space for installation
Low energy consumption
Ducting facility used
Auto cleaning system

Sun-flame Chimney (Silver)

This kitchen chimney is available with the high suction power of 1100 cubic meters per hour. comes with touch feature. have baffle filters and also oil collector. so it is easy to clean. Available in both 60 and 90 cm size.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High suction power High installation cost
Available in both size
It has an auto clean facility

Faber Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60

Faber is an accepted name all over the world as far as kitchen products are concerned. The unique 3D Y2S2 Technology provides for a 3-way suction thereby ensuring the kitchen remains smoke-free.

It provides 3-layer Baffle filter that is good for indian kitchen. It is a highly efficient with 3-speed operation. You also get push control buttons which make the chimney very easy to use. You also get 2 five watt CFL bulbs in it.

Pros Cons
Use of Faber Technology Very Costly
3-ways suction
Great Filter
lifetime warranty

Elica Kitchen Chimney

This little and best kitchen chimney below 10000 is accessible at Amazon. The glass and stainless steel body make it a very attractive product for your kitchen. with 60 cm size, this chimney is good for the medium Indian kitchen.

Pros Cons
high suction power Small chimney
perfect for Indian small kitchen you should buy Exhast pipe and vent cap sepratly
Low energy  consumption

The suction power of this chimney is at 1100 cubic meters per hour. The pressure button controls make it very easy to use. The baffle filters make it a very suitable chimney in all reverences.

Things to note before buying a kitchen chimney

  • Size
  • Filters
  • Suction Power
  • Budget
  • Noice
  • Maintenance
  • Speed
  • Warranty
Wrapping up

After all these discussions we can say that there are many types of kitchen chimneys are available in the market. Which help you to keep your kitchen smoke and grease free.  

Hope this article helps you to choose the best and suitable chimney for your kitchen.

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