5 Tips for Designing a Sublimated Jersey

sublimate jursey

Sublimated Jerseys are the best sportswear to invest in for these do not crack, peel or fade and therefore, last longer than the rest. That is reason enough to design your own sublimated jersey. In this article, here we share a quick list of tips to help you design a superb sublimated personalised basketball jersey.

#1 Understand Sublimation

Sublimation is a relatively new printing process in which ink is impregnated into the fabric, or in other words, the dye is transferred to fabric using heat. If we talk technically then sublimation is a term defining transition of a substance from solid to gas, thereby skipping liquid stage completely. Sublimation gives you enough space to experiment, quite literally. There are unlimited options to choose, from colors to style to placement etc.

#2 Think and Visualize

It is important to have a vision for your custom design basketball jersey and start with an idea. Manufacturers like Zapkam help you draw inspiration from previously created styles displayed on its website’s photo wall. Apart from that, you can use other methods to visualize a design. For instance, if the color scheme is your concern, you can pick one that matches or highlights your club’s or team’s logo and your sponsor’s logo.

#3 Set some Parameters

It is important to restrict yourself on certain grounds considering the options are quite limitless. Consider this, there is a free online 3D Kit Designer that enables you to choose almost any color under the sky and create as many 3D mockups as you wish. Interesting as it may sound it sure is time-consuming. You would need to get hold of your designs and finalize one that appeals the most. Setting parameters will help you do just that. For instance, you can choose to eliminate a particular color scheme/s or combination/s before proceeding. This will help you save time and efforts.

#4 Keep It Simple

Simple patterns often carry greater appeal. Use the negative space in your personalised basketball jerseys to your advantage and fill it well with subtle patterns that enhance the overall look of your jersey. And when you’re stuck there is always the photo wall to draw inspiration from.

#5 Let Your Logo Shine

In moments of doubt, focus on your logo. While designing your own basketball jersey shine light on your club’s or team’s logo. You can choose to add texture or gradient to your logo or revolve the entire color scheme around your logo.

Final Words

The interesting fact to note is your go-to manufacturer has set up a go-to team of experts for your perusal. Use it to your advantage. Whenever stuck, or in doubt, simply ask about. These are the people who have spent years in the industry and have seen enough to brilliantly guide your way forward. Advice/s from these folks will ease your designing process and help you create something that does not only look great virtually but also in reality on your custom design basketball jersey.


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