Customised Tracksuits: Cost and Manufacturer


When people hear custom tracksuits, they often form a prejudiced opinion. Some think these will be expensive, while others believe these could be time-consuming. In reality, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Bespoke tracksuits, interestingly, have seen an exponential growth in demand. Autonomy to design your own sportswear, and options to add your club’s and sponsor’s logo/s and your team members’ names, numbers and initials have made it an amiable option. Perhaps, it is the convenience in operation that has paved a way to its global acceptance.

Because a custom-made tracksuit is still a relatively new concept for many or remains to be tried by a fair number of people, it is often met with a side glance. By means of this blog, we aim at helping you folks understand better about custom tracksuits and clear the air around it.

How to find the right manufacturer?

‘Where to find the right bespoke tracksuit manufacturer’ is just as crucial a question as of how to find it. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to answer, thanks to manufacturers like Zapkam who offer free online 3D Kit Designer and excellent services including free size trials.

Looking up online is one of the best ways to find a custom sportswear manufacturer. What helps the most when looking for a manufacturer are the reviews from previous customers and the services that the manufacturer offers. For instance, you would not want your customized design to be discontinued by a manufacturer after you fail to place an order for a couple of months or years. Choose a manufacturer that you can go back to even after years and buy your previously designed and customized tracksuit. One such manufacturer is Zapkam – UK’s leading customized sportswear and sports equipment manufacturer.

How much does it cost to have a custom tracksuit?

Cost is an important factor that further depends on various other factors with the major ones being a geographical location, both yours and the manufacturer’s; services offered by the manufacturer; quality promised; and more.

To understand the aptness of the cost demanded by a manufacturer, look into these matters. First, the kind of 3D Kit Designer offered and the number of colors you can choose from. Second, the kind/s of fabric offered by the manufacturer. Third, the after-sale services offered by the manufacturer. If these all match up to the price quoted, then understand it is a good deal.

How long does it take to customize?

When it comes to bespoke tracksuits and the time involved, there are two things that you should be primarily concerned with. One is the duration of designing your sportswear online using the 3D Kit Designer or offline if that’s the option you are looking for. Second is the delivery time, which includes manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Keeping these in mind, it is advisable to visit a couple of manufacturer’s websites before finalizing the one that meets your requirements the best.

Final Words

Most of the information you need is already available on the manufacturer’s website. So, ensure you read the fine print. There is nothing better than a little research. Once you have gotten enough information, top it up with a fine grade comparison between manufacturers. You’ll have your go-to manufacturer of custom tracksuits in no time.


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