QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers Free Sample Set

All QuickBooks ProAdvisors need a certification to be a ProAdvisor. And the way of getting a ProAdvisor certification is not so easy as you think, they need to across the QuickBooks Online certification exam section to be a ProAdvisor. 

If you are also preparing QuickBooks certification exam then continue with us till the end. This will be a friendly guide for you to crack the exam successfully. 

Basic Things to Know Before QuickBooks Certification Exam

Here we have given some of the basic information about the QuickBooks Online Certification exam answers, and questions which is important for you to know.  

Examination Pattern:

You will be instructed to complete the examination in 2-3 hours. The whole examination will be conducted in total 8 sections. There is no time limit for each section. But you need to complete all of the sections before the right time.     

If unfortunately, you can’t crack the exam on the first attempt then you have the chance to re-appear the exam again in the first three attempts. You can re-appear the exam after 60 days of the certification exam.    

Mark System to Succeed:

The minimum passing score is 80% for each section. Totally you have to secure 80%  to get the certification and to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  

How to Prepare OwnSelf for the Examination

Here are some of the basic tips for you. These tips will guide you to prepare yourself for the examination to give your best. Have a look, what are they: 

Attend Training Session:

You can attend some of the training sessions to prepare for this exam. If you have the facility of getting attend any session offline then you can go for it. Or you can go for the online training session through the QuickBooks Online training. By joining some of the training sessions, you will be used to the examination pattern.    

Get Ready

Self-confidence is more important than practice. And practice makes you self-confidence automatically. So keep balanced, and be ready for the challenge. You can practice with the previous year’s certification questions.   

Give your Exam 

Finally, give your examination in a peaceful mind.   

Sample of QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers

These are some of the sample questions, and answers of QuickBooks Online Certification. Practice with the following, hopefully, these Q/A will help you to build confidence in the exam. 

Question (1): A great feature of QuickBooks Online is that there are other lists you can utilize to make it easier to fill in forms. Where would you go to find these lists?

Answer: Go to the Gear icon and select All Lists

Question (2): Where can you go to QuickBooks Online to import a list of products and services?

Answer: Select the Gear icon and under the Tools column, select Import Data, then Products and services.

Question (3): What type of issues can be fixed with the QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Answer: QuickBooks Tool Hub can fix different types of QuickBooks issue like istallation issue, password resert, company file issue, network issue, and etc. 

Question (4): The Chart of Accounts lies at the heart of a QuickBooks Online company. Which 5 of the following statements are true about the Chart of Accounts, how to make changes to the Chart of Accounts, and how products and services are linked to the Chart of Accounts?


  • To add a new account, you open the Chart of Accounts by selecting Accounting from the left navigation, then select New to open the Account window
  • The Sales of Product Income account is a default account when inventory is turned on Uncategorized Income and Uncategorized Expense are default accounts for online banking activity
  • If you add a new account, the category type determines on which financial statement this account will show
  • Delete an account from the Chart of Accounts if it is not relevant to your business

Question (5): If you want to give one or more of your employee’s access to Your Practice, what types of user permissions can be set up?

Answer: Regular or custom user, Company administrator, Reports only and Time Tracking only.

Question (6): Look at the following 2 statements: 

  1. Statement 1 -“QuickBooks Online _____________ is the do-it-for-me option; a complete payroll service with a team of US-based payroll experts to take care of payroll for your client.”
  2. Statement 2 -“You can also link up ____________ with QuickBooks to simplify workflow and save yourself a significant amount of time. You’ll benefit from a seamless, end-to-end experience that translates a client’s QuickBooks Online books into a tax return.”

Identify the products that fit in the spaces to correctly complete the statements.

Answer: Statement 1: Full-Service Payroll; Statement 2: ProConnect Tax Online

Question (7): QuickBooks Online has some great features. Clients can use Online Invoicing, which will track when they’ve been viewed and paid. Online Invoicing even allows for customer queries via online messages directly linked to the invoice. You now need to enable this feature in the new client company you’re setting up. Take a look at the steps below

  1. Select the Gear icon, and select Account and Settings, under the Your company column)
  2. _____________ and scroll down to the Online delivery section
  3. _____________ to ensure that Attach invoice as pdf is unchecked Can you identify the missing steps?


Step 2: Select the Sales tab, 

Step 3: From the drop-down list, click on the Online invoice.

Question (8): Your client has asked you to turn on warnings for duplicate check and bill numbers in their QuickBooks Online company. Take a look at the steps below.

  1. ______________
  2. Under Your Company, select Account and Settings
  3. Select Advanced tab
  4. In the Other preferences section, select the option to warn if duplicate check number is used and warn if a duplicate bill number is used 
  5. ______________
  6. Starting at the QuickBooks Online Dashboard, which option would complete the following steps?


Step 1: Select the Gear icon, 

Step 5: Select Save

Question (8): Your client doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee for their QuickBooksPayments merchant account. What other option is available to them, and wherein QuickBooks Online can they sign up for QuickBooksPayments?

Answer:  There is another plan which means the customer pays the transaction charge; In the Billing and Subscription tab of Account and Settings.

Question (9): Your client has moved and needs you to modify the business address of the company in QuickBooks Online. Take a look at the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account
  2. _________________
  3. You’ll see the client company dashboard
  4. _________________
  5. Select Account and Settings6. Select the Pencil icon in the Address section of the Company tab
  6. What are the missing steps to get you to the screen to edit the address for your client?


Step 2: Select the client company from the Client Switcher drop-down in the green header bar.

Step 4: Select the Gear icon.

Question (10): Which option has the correct information about how a delayed charge is used, and how it is created and linked to an invoice?

Answer: Use a delayed charge to record a fee that you want to invoice in the future. The first step is to select a Delayed charge from the Quick Create menu, and then add it to an invoice later by selecting Add when the customer invoice is created.

Question (11): What 3 types of customer statements can be generated by QuickBooks Online?


  • Statements that show a balance forward and then all activity between two specified dates
  • Statements that show invoices created between two specified dates and their related payments
  • Statements that show just open transactions

Question (12): Clients can take payments from their customers’ credit cards via Online Invoicing if they have QuickBooks Payments set up. How does the customer interact with the invoice to access credit card payment features?

Answer: They select the Pay Now button.

Question (13): Look at the following process for matching and adding deposit transactions from a bank feed: 

  1. Select the line for that entry and you’ll see more information in the row that expands
  2. Select the Deposit link among suggested match(es) to view the deposit transaction
  3. Hit Cancel in the bottom left and you’ll go back to the banking area
  4. Now that we’re satisfied that this is the right banking activity matched to the right QuickBooks Online Transaction, we can ______________. 

Which option correctly completes the final step?

Answer: Hit Match on the right of the entry.

Question (14): The ____________ lists each customer with an open balance. It lists the open invoices in different columns based on whether they are current or how long it’s been overdue 30, 60 and 90+ days. What kind of report is being described here?

Answer: A/R Aging Summary report

Question (15): Your client, Client A, has a problem. He has a number of invoices that have not been paid by the customer after the customer became insolvent.

Another client, Client B, needs to adjust invoices because of small overpayments by the customer on a series of invoices dating back six months.

Which client or clients would need to use the Write off invoices feature of QuickBooks Online to get their books corrected, and can they perform the task themselves?

Select the option that has the correct answer for both parts of the question.

Answer: Only Client A would benefit from the Write off Invoices tool; No, the feature is only available to Accountant users via the Accountant Toolbox

Question (16): You have a client who needs a QuickBooks Online solution that includes tracking for sales and sales tax. Which subscription level in QuickBooks Online would you recommend?

Answer: Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus

Question (17): Taking care of pay reports for employees and subcontractors is a key task when preparing for the year-end. Which of the 2 forms below would need to be sent?


  • W-2s are submitted for employees
  • 1099s for subcontractors

Question (18): Which subscription option, if any, includes online banking, access from any device at any time, and integration with a wide range of apps?

Answer: All QuickBooks Online Subscription levels.

Question (19): Managing inventory and avoiding out-of-stock situations is critical to the success of this type of client. What type of client does this best describe?

Answer: Retail and eCommerce

Question (20): When would you need to reclassify transactions and how would you do it in QuickBooks Online? Select the option that answers both parts of the question correctly.

Answer: To clean up large uncategorized expense accounts; go to Reclassify transactions in the Accountant Toolbox

Question (21): You can find the link to the Voided/Deleted Transactions tool by selecting the ___________________. Which option correctly completes the sentence?

Answer: Accountant Toolbox

Question (22): Which of the following buttons could you use to add a new vendor or find the link to import a vendor list into QuickBooks Online?

  1. The New Vendor button in the Vendors tab of the Sales screen
  2. The New Vendor button in the Vendors tab of the Expenses screen
  3. The New Vendor button in the Expenses tab of the Expenses screen
  4. The Enter Vendor Details button in the Expenses tab of the Sales screen


  1. The New Vendor button in the Vendors tab of the Expenses screen

Question (23): Where should you go to set up a new bank feed or link to a bank account in a client’s QuickBooks Online company?

  1. Expenses Center
  2. Accounting Center
  3. Sales Center
  4. Banking Center

Answer: 4. Banking Center

Question (24): In QuickBooks Online, what 4 data points do you need to set up sales tax for a client who only does business in their home state?

  1. Their company address
  2. Whether they have any criminal convictions
  3. Whether they travel to other countries
  4. When their last sales tax period started
  5. How often do they have to file a sales tax return
  6. When they started collecting sales tax for the agency


  1. Their company address
  2. When their last sales tax period started
  3. How often they have to file a sales tax return
  4. When they started collecting sales tax for the agency

Question (25): Which 4 methods allow clients to process digital payments from customers using QuickBooks Online Payments?

  • Running a card through a card reader attached to a mobile device
  • Entering payments manually as a Receive Payment
  • Taking client payment via cryptocurrency
  • Entering payments manually as a Sales Receipt
  • Entering payments manually as a Credit Memo
  • Sending a Sales Receipt to a customer via email
  • Taking client payment via the Pay Now button on an emailed Invoice


  • Running a card through a card reader attached to a mobile device
  • Entering payments manually as a Receive Payment
  • Sending a Sales Receipt to a customer via email
  • Taking client payment via the Pay Now button on an emailed Invoice

Question (26): Where would you go in QuickBooks Online to see the range of default and extra lists that are available?

  1. Sales Center > Settings > All Lists
  2. + New button > All Lists
  3. Gear icon > All Lists
  4. Sales Center > Settings > Add Lists


  1. + New button > All Lists
  2. Gear icon > All Lists

Question (27): Which are the 3 payroll options available inside QuickBooks Online companies?

  1. QuickBooks Online Do-it-Yourself Payroll
  2. QuickBooks Online Core Payroll
  3. QuickBooks Online Premium Payroll
  4. QuickBooks Online Elite Payroll
  5. QuickBooks Online Self-Service Payroll 


  1. QuickBooks Online Core Payroll
  2. QuickBooks Online Premium Payroll
  3. QuickBooks Online Elite Payroll

Question (28): Where would you go to find all the lists you can use to fill in forms in QuickBooks Online?

  1. Gear icon > All Lists
  2. + New icon > All Lists
  3. Accounting screen > All Lists
  4. Reports screen > All Lists


  1. Gear icon > All Lists

Question (29): Which 3 features should you suggest to your clients to build their brand recognition on sales forms?

  1. Customize your fonts and use a font type that matches the company’s branding scheme
  2. Add company logo to customer sales forms
  3. Use the standard template with no customization
  4. Add a splash of color that matches the company’s branding scheme
  5. Select a default payment method


  1. Customize your fonts and use a font type that matches the company’s branding scheme
  2. Add company logo to customer sales forms
  3. Add a splash of color that matches the company’s branding scheme

Question (30): Which 3 navigation features are missing in a Reports Only user’s view?

  • Navigation panel
  • Search box
  • + New button
  • Gear icon
  • Help menu


  • Navigation panel
  • + New button
  • Gear icon

Question (31): What is the difference between the “Profit and Loss Report” and the “Balance Sheet Report”?


  • P&L shows activities: income and expenses to arrive at Net Income (Profit) for a specific time period.
  • The Balance Sheet shows values: Assets and Liabilities to arrive at Equity (Net Worth) as of a specific date.
  • The Net income from the Profit & Loss pass through the equity section in the balance sheet

It was the complete article about the QuickBooks Online Certification exam answers. We have discussed some of the basic tips, and some of the sample questions. Hopefully, it will be an informative article for you. Thanks for visiting us.  

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